Friday, April 25, 2014

Do You Make Your Bed?

This week I read an article titled "Does It Really Matter If You Make Your Bed?" I found it interesting because as a child I used to make my bed the second I got out of bed in the morning. It became a habit. Karen Kingston made the point that making your bed in the morning can create a more structured start to your day.
"When you begin your day in this way, it sets a certain structure in place for everything you subsequently do, and creates a clear and welcoming space for you to return to each night. When you leave your bedding in a messy heap, you can tend to muddle through the day until it’s time to fall back in to bed again. "
She also goes onto to say.
"Taking this to an even deeper level, people with structure get things done. They are able to navigate life’s challenges, find solutions, and achieve great things. They are people of will. Conversely, people who lack structure can often be buffeted about by the winds of change, and tend to wonder how to find more fulfillment."
While I'm not as faithful at making my bed as I was when I was a child, I still strive to make my bed almost every day. I do feel like it makes a difference in the way my day plays out. How about you? Does making your bed change your day?

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Emma said...

I always made my bed first thing when i woke up, but now that I live with my boyfriend, he stays in bed later than I do so I can't make it, and he usually doesn't. It drives me nuts when I come home and it's not made!