Thursday, August 8, 2013

Do or don't: slouchy pants

pants above from here
Now that I'm not pregnant anymore I've been on the hunt for new pants for Fall. Plus, it might be awhile before my old ones fit again. One style I keep spotting frequently in stores and on the street is the slouchy pant. They look incredibly comfortable and when styled right can look pretty chic.

What do you think, are they a do or a don't?

A few other slouchy pant favorites here, here, and here.

I've also started a Fall 2013 board on Pinterest that I'll be frequently updating with my favorite fashion finds for Fall. You can find it here


Natasha said...

I like them, but the way the ones in the last photo bunch up at the bottom looks too much like tracksuit pants to me. So I think it would be important to get ones that are the right length to keep them from looking overly slouchy.

katie said...

DO! I own two pairs! Key is to have the right top.

Ali said...

I completely agree that length needs to be right and that they key to making it not look sloppy is the top!

Kacey Kalmar said...

I love them when styled chic and not too casual, then they look like pj's!