Monday, July 8, 2013

What to name our baby?

Will as a newborn
Picking a baby name has not been easy for us. With three weeks to go until my due date, we don't have any names we really love. It was hard for us to decide on William when he was born, we basically decided a few hours before we left the hospital, and now another boy. There's even more pressure now because it has to sound good with Will as well as work with our last name Henrie. Also, I'm still considering a middle name as well. William's middle name is just the letter A (a family tradition we decided to go with).

How did you pick your kid's names? What do you think about middle names? Any suggestions?

Also, the top baby names of 2013 so far.


dani said...

I've always been obsessed with choosing baby names, ever since I was a young girl. (Is that weird? Maybe haha.)

To go with William, I'd go with more classic, strong names like:
George, Charles, David, Eric, Colin, Michael, Simon, John, Matthew, Peter.

You could also still do the middle name of A for boy #2! (I also had a friend named J growing up, which I always thought was cool.)

Good luck! :)

Unknown said...

As someone else whose last name is also a first name, I would caution against picking a first name that sounds like a surname. My first name is Haley, and people often "correct" my name for me on forms and call me Dillon Haley and assume that I'm a man via email. It's annoying. :)

I agree that another classic name will go nicely with Will! Congratulations!

Ali said...

Thanks for the suggestions and tips! We tend to like more classic names for boys.

heartofjoy said...

check you

Its helped my husband and I so much. Plus, she helps you "match" names based on the kids names you already have : )

Unknown said...

When my husband and I have children we've always wanted to name our son "Louis James." Classic and they both have connections with our family. Good luck :)

Ashley Bogard said...

I love the name Grant. It is a strong boys name. I think some names sound cute as a little boy, but not as an older man. That was my pick if I was to have a boy. Names are so hard. So much in a name. Whatever you choose will be perfect.

Anonymous said...

Duke Henrie. No middle name.

kelsey and murray said...

Oh Ali we are having such a hard time too. Right now the top contender is Bennett. I still am unsure. I can't wait to see a picture of this sweet baby boy, he will be here so soon! Miss you.

jodieak said...

We were going to name our baby Hudson Brooks. "He" ended up being a she.

This Way and That said...

I like Z for the middle name. You are covered A to Z. and Zee sounds kinda like a name. Then what sounds good with Z? I liked Charles Z. Not sure how Charles and Will work as brother names. It seems to be nice with the last name though.