Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Flying with a toddler

A few weeks ago we flew out to Utah for my grandma's funeral and I've never really talked about flying with a little one. Because of all our moves over the years, Will has become quite the frequent flier and has been on over 35 flights in the past two years. I definitely don't fear flying with him now, however, it used to freak me out when he was little. Now Will loves flying so much because he knows he gets a drink, pretzels, and cookies. Here are some of my favorite things for flying with a little one after the jump...

1. backpack - Now that Will is almost 3 he is getting to the stage where I'm trying to train him to carry some of his own things and I love these backpacks from Skip Hop because they aren't too big and come in the cutest different animals.

2. search and find books - Any books are great, but my favorite are the search and find ones because they keep Will occupied longer since he has to search for each item. This Treasure Hunt for Boys I really like and there is also one for girls -Treasure Hunt for Girls I also like to bring flashcards as well. I always find new ones in the dollar section at Target.

3. blanket - What kid doesn't like the comfort of their blanket? Plus, if there is any chance of getting your child to sleep on the flight, they are going to need their blanket. Many times Will has laid down on his blanket during takeoff and slept most of the flight (not too often, but it has happened).

4. stickers - I love stickers because they don't roll around like crayons and it's something to keep your little one busy. These ones look pretty fun.

5. cars or a new toy - Will loves cars so I always pack a couple of little ones for him to play with on the plane or at the airport. I've also heard of parents wrapping a new little toy so your child has something to unwrap. I also like finger puppets, mini animals, sticky hands or anything else small.

6. snacks - Food always keeps my child occupied and I try to bring fruit and other healthy snacks (although I always have an emergency stash of mini m&m's). When Will was younger, I used to bring his sippy cup, but now that he's older he likes to drink from the cup especially with a coffee stirrer straw.

7. headphones - Now that the ipad can keep Will entertained, I got him these Kid Headphones 
to use, which are great (when I remember to bring them) so we don't bother those around us.

8. shoes that are easy to put on - Even though kids don't have to take their shoes off going through security anymore, it's nice to have shoes that are easy to take on and off. Will always likes to take his shoes off while on the flight and it makes it easier once you are packing things up to have something to easily slip on.

9. book or magazine for you - This may not sound important but there are several flights I've been on where Will has fallen asleep and I have nothing to do, but look at the clock so it's good to bring something for you just in case.

What are some of your favorite ways to keep kids occupied on flights?


Heather J said...

Great tips! We somehow have managed to not fly with any of our 3 but there will come a day and I'll be glad I pinned your list! :)

Alia said...

I did a whole blog post on this...when we moved 2years ago to Utah from wi I never thought we'd be a flying family! My girls were 3,5, and 6 months....they are pro flyers some 30 flights later! And the whole family loves it....however if you do check out my blog find the title flight was our one bad flight!
My biggest is dollar store stickers and a notebook the half or smaller size....they aren't reusable which is good...they get lost less....and they can make pictures to hearts content because stickers are plentiful from there!
Also my kids don't even ask for toys that come in meals now...they go in a travel bin....and several small ones come w....if they get lost or thrown no biggie....but since they are new they bring same level of excitement...and bonus to you, no new toys to keep track of or fill home toy bins w!!
Lastly a mini pillow pet fits in small bag....and has been a must...ohhhh and a plastic bag w paper towel in it....this way any spill etc emergencies are prepared for!

Amanda Hill said...

Great tips girl! Makes it so much easier!

Ali said...

Thanks for tips. I love the idea of including a mini pillow too, perfect for getting kids to take a nap.

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

Great post Ali! I think it's so crazy that our little ones have been on so many flights at such a young age! Love all your suggestions!

Anonymous said...

We are about to be flying again Thursday :) I am always looking to update my list!! This one hit all the topics I was needing :) Thank you!!