Monday, January 7, 2013

New Year

It was nice to take a little break and enjoy the holidays (other than the fact the whole family got sick and we are just barely getting back on our feet). 2012 was a bit of a crazy year for us with my husband working on his MBA at Duke and us moving at the end of the year. Glad to say he is finished with school and we are (almost) all moved in. I cannot believe it is already a new year and time to start thinking about what I want to accomplish this year. While I don't believe in big resolutions because around February they are usually forgotten, I am working on setting some small goals to keep challenging myself and continuing to learn more.

Take out my camera more often and learn how to better use it.
Try new recipes (I've accumulated a list).
Continue learning Illustrator (I've become a bit addicted) and work on more design projects.
More family time (we could use a vacation after grad school).
Explore more of Minneapolis.
Keep up better with old friends.
and just a few more that I won't bother to bore you with.

Here's to a great and happy 2013!


Amanda Hill said...

Cheers to that! See you soon!

Felyn said...

You have a great year too!

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