Friday, October 19, 2012

Currently loving

It has been another busy week looking for house. I think we finally have it narrowed down to a few of our favorites, so I'm hoping it all works out.

Have a good weekend. Here are a few things I am currently loving...

1. Fun sweaters. There are so many great choices right now. I got this one for my birthday and it's so soft.

2. Anything pumpkin. It must be that time of year and this pumpkin donut recipe looks good.

3. Everything about this look.

4. These paintings by Kal Barteski. Her handwritten style is amazing. I met her at Alt and am a big fan of her designs plus she's super nice.

5. Nicoles classes. I'm currently taking the Photo 101 and Illustrator 102 classes. It's been fun to play around and try illustrating new things like these LR beauties.

1 comment:

Strickilotti said... all of it!! Especially the shoes and the coat, the funny sweater and pumpkin.