Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Summer of '12

I cannot believe the summer is practically over. It went by way too quick, but we did have some great moments (shared through instagram).

1. Started the summer with a 2nd birthday bash for this guy (who is growing up way too fast).
2. Started and actually finished reading a book.
3. Went from blonde to brunette (a fun change).
4. Visited St. Petersburg Russia (and Amsterdam too)!
5. Ate way too many tomatoes (with basil and fresh mozzarella of course).
6. Found and bought lots of my favorite candies which are kind of hard to find.
7. Had many playgrounds on repeat.
8. Went to the MN State Fair (first timers).
9. Played many backyard games.
10. Wore lots of stripes.
11. Ate lots of raspberry milkshakes.
12. Designed some new fabrics (more to come).

What did you do this summer?


Nele ♥♥♥ said...

kannst du für mich abstimmen? Ich brauche ungefähr 2000 Stimmen um ein Vollstipendium für einen Schüleraustausch in die USA zu gewinnen Und weil ich nicht so viele Leute persönlich kenne, bitte ich dich um Hilfe.. Würdest du es machen? Unter dem Video steht ABSTIMMEN FÜR NELE , dort drückt man rauf , e-mail angeben und dann nach einem Tag die e-mail bestätigen , sonst zählt die Stimme nicht. Am besten, alles genau durchlesen, damit alles klappt
Dankeschön schonmal ♥

PS: Kommentar schreiben :P

Unknown said...

love the hair and sandals.

I know, can't believe the Summer is pretty much gone. It wows me and makes me feel a bit sad.


samia said...

WOW!! what a fun post! really enjoyed reading it.. and definitely going to try putting my summers round in some way too.. thanks for the inspiration!

Jord said...

Fun! You are a girl who gets a lot done and I'm so glad you loved your summer.