Friday, December 13, 2013

Gift Guide: for him

1. I always use holidays and birthdays as excuses for getting my guy new clothes (when else will he buy something for himself to wear?) I like the idea of getting him a pair of well fitting and slim cut (not too tight) jeans.

2. I like that this laptop bag is a departure from the typical black and leather. It's way more casual, but still looks cool and does the job.

3. A desktop calendar of his favorite people or pictures is the perfect addition for a guy's work space.

4. We've been cooking up a lot of homemade pizza lately. My husband loves to cook and I thought this pizza cookbook would give him some new and fresh ideas and for perfecting that crust.

5. My husband wears his Ugg slippers all the time and has had the same ones for years. They may be more of an investment, but are definitely worth the splurge.

6. I love when guys wear scarves! This one is cashmere and looks extra cozy.

7. A buffalo print. What guy could say no to that?

8. Guys always seem okay with getting socks or sometimes even ask for them (my dad used to ask every year). It might not be the most original idea but definitely a practical one.

9. These headphones are the best! They are great for guys who spend a lot of time traveling or just like to tune everybody else out for a bit.

10. I don't know a guy that doesn't love to wear his alma mater. My husband can never own too many of anything with Duke on it which is why I included this sweatshirt in the mix.

Kids are next...


buddhenrie said...

Nice. You pegged me.

Jill said...

Cool ideas. That buffalo print is awesome.