Monday, August 1, 2011

Style Feature: Katelin

Today's feature is of my friend Katelin from the blog The Five to Nine. Katelin works with my husband and we met while living in Phoenix (both of us have since moved). She is a Texas girl and we both share a love for good food and all things Anthropologie. Not only is Katelin beautiful (she and her husband are quite the couple), she also has an amazing sense of style. I can constantly look to her for style inspiration. Here are some of her favorite items at the moment.

1. idiom bangle Kate Spade - I’d love to collect these in all different colors and stack them up my wrist.  I love the clever and subtle phrase engraved on the inside.  Kate is so witty!

2. iced toddy Amazon - I’m saving tons of $$ by skipping my trip to the coffee shop and cold brewing my own coffee for a cool and tasty treat this summer. 

3. park bench fedora Madewell - I can’t live without a hat this summer.  Not only super chic, but also so functional to keep the sun’s rays off of my fair skin!

4. red adirondack chairs World Market - We just bought these for our backyard and are loving turning it into an outside oasis complete with a big bulb strand of lights hanging from the trees!

5. pintuck bedding West ElmWe received this bedding in ivory as a wedding gift last year. I love the neutral tones and how it's full of body and texture. It's so fun to swap out pillows and accessories by the season.    

6. printed scarf JCrew - I’m on the plane all the time.  I always pack a scarf that doubles as a blanket for the icy cold AC and a cute accessory when I step off the plane.  

Thanks for sharing your favorite items Katelin!


jordy liz said...

this looks just like katelin. :) we have that same bedding in green!

Alisha said...

LOVE IT! You two ladies are definitely MY style inspiration!! :)