Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy 2015!

It feels good to enter a new year. It's been quite some time since I've been to this blog of mine. I'm hoping to stop in more frequently from time to time to share inspiration and photos of projects and products I'm working on. I wish to make this blog more of a journey of my design process especially as I shift more into interior styling and design. Thanks for following along. 

Here are some of my goals or things I plan to work on this year and beyond. 

1. Build better relationships. Over the past eight years I've had the opportunity of living all over the country and meeting wonderful people along the way. I would love to keep in contact with some of them better and even reach out to those I don't see often or ever!

2. Better manage my time. I am so much happier when I follow a schedule and have things to do and work on. Being unproductive makes me anxious and I'm hoping to better plan out my days in order to accomplish bigger long term goals I have for myself.

3. Get up early. I know this sounds like a crazy goal but for the past year I've been trying to get up early to get work done and have failed miserably at it. I've tried everything and perhaps being a night owl just might be my thing. But I'm determined to keep at it and see if I can't at least do it a few times before giving up completely:)

4. Explore more places. I love to go places, but sometimes it's too easy to stay home especially when it's -20 degrees outside. I'm determined to get out and explore new places nearby and further away.

5. Continue learning and challenging myself. This past year I decided to go back to school and get my interior design degree. While it definitely hasn't been easy, I have learned so much and I love the challenge it brings. I hope to never lose my love for learning and that desire to develop new skills. I am hoping to maybe even take an art class this year.

I could probably keep going, but I don't want to get ahead of myself, so I'll stop here.

Happy New Year!

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bp said...

These are all actionable & important goals. Good luck with them! No reason you can't trach them. I am definitely going to need discipline to manage my time & learn more too. It will only make us better & happier!!!