Monday, June 2, 2014

Will is four

I have a four year old! It's hard to believe my boy is already a little boy. For Will's birthday, we let him eat doughnuts for breakfast, watch Curious George, choose macaroni and cheese for dinner and pick a toy from the store (Of course, he chose a watering can. It always makes me laugh seeing what he picks). This age has been so fun and rewarding as a parent. He says and does the funniest things like asking why Lucas is wearing "overveins" aka "overalls." It makes me happy to see him grow and learn, but I secretly wish he could stay this age forever.

Here are a few things about Will.

1. He looooooves people! He is super social and actually quite comfortable around adults and will carry on conversations with pretty much anyone he meets. (he obviously did not get this from me:)

2. He has learned almost all of the states and capitals and if you quiz him, he will remind you the capital of Georgia is Atlanta and not Augusta. He also begs to do worksheets everyday. I hope his love for learning never wears off.

3. He has a great memory and has memorized a few books and songs including his favorites: "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" as well as the blink 182 song "I Miss You" (thanks to Brandon for that one).

4. He is a sensitive boy and likes to encourage others. You will often find him patting others on the back telling them they did a good job.

5. He loves when people come over to our house and when they leave he always runs to the door and yells out, "Have a Good Day!"

He definitely has his moments of being a kid and throwing tantrums as all kids do, but overall I feel so lucky to be his mama and to see the boy he is growing up to be.


Catherine said...

Great post Ali! He is such an awesome kid because you are an amazing mom! Maybe the stars will aline someday and our kids can be besties. I just know Elizabeth (turns 4 in 2 weeks) and Will would get along famously. xx

Ali said...

Thanks Catherine for your sweet comment. I too hope that Elizabeth and Will can meet someday:) Hope you are doing well!