Saturday, June 21, 2014


Summer is here! When you live in Minneapolis, summer takes on a whole new meaning. The weather has been wonderful lately (despite a few rainstorms) and we were even able to get some cilantro from our garden this week. What are your plans this weekend? We are taking our kids to the zoo and I'm hoping to finish the book The Fault in Our Stars. I'm dying to see the movie. Have you seen it? Enjoy your weekend.

A few links to share this week...

Pineapples are everywhere and so in right now.

Great article about asking for what you want.

Cute hat for summer.

Kate and George photos. Those overalls!

A pretty necklace.

Interesting article about handwriting.

My cousin's daughter wrote this adorable letter.

Embracing downtime. Love this!

This dessert is perfect for summer.

High rise jeans are back.

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