Thursday, January 16, 2014

Over thinking your look

Do you have a tendency to over think your look? Most days I wear a t-shirt and jeans and a bit of makeup, but sometimes I have a tendency to over think my look and I try to get more creative. However, when I do, it usually ends up being a disaster of a look. Lately, I've been pinning simple looks so when I saw this image, I was immediately reminded that sometimes the most simple basics: blazer, t-shirt, black pants, and sneakers make up the cutest (and coolest) looks.

If you feel your look is a little too basic try adding a bolder lip, it's amazing what a bright lip can do for a simple look.

What do you think, do you ever over think what you're going to wear?


Unknown said...

I've been doing the same thing lately. So much so that I'm beginning to get a little bored with my uniform/momiform. :) Any ideas for how to punch it up without straying far from the classics? I'm big on minimalism over all so I can't decide what might be a good to invest in…I've been thinking about a pair of the steve madden leopard tennis shoe/slip on.

Emma said...

I overthought it yesterday and I was uncomfortable at work all day, and it turns out that it looked terrible! This morning I said "oh well" and went to work as a legal assistant in a comfy pair of dark jeans and my favorite open cardigan- it's gonna be a great day!

Ali said...

Leopard tennis shoes sound amazing and the perfect way to punch up your look!

Ali said...

Nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable! Agree with the stick with what you know works idea:)