Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Gift Guide: for baby

This is my baby's first Christmas! Since he's only four months old, he really could care less what he gets, so most of these things are things I like for babies.

1. It's hard to find cute stuffed animals and the Maileg stuffed animals are some of the cutest ones I've seen. I also like the idea of getting him a little something he can keep as he grows. Maileg Wolf and I also like Maileg Fox.

2. I've been a long time fan of Kid O toys. They are so well made and designed and my three year old still loves playing with them. kid o car and kid o airplane

3. Babies always need lots of blankets and this black and white baby blanket is perfect for a boy or girl. Plus, it's something you would be happy to see in your house.

4. I once read that the first colors babies recognize are black and white. I love these little black and white wee gallery cards. The designs are fabulous.

5. Baby moccasins  are so hot right now and Freshly Picked makes a good pair that stay on baby's feet. Plus, they come in lots of fun colors.

6. There is something so adorable about stripes on babies and now that it's winter baby hats are a perfect gift.

7. These baby beads are so cool. They are attached with an elastic so they all stay together. Lucas is definitely going to need this.

8. Board books are great for babies and this one has been a favorite of ours over the past couple of years.

9. Winter Water Factory has such fun, patterned clothing for babies and kids. Plus, I love the fact I can put my baby in a romper because he's still little and little babies in rompers are so cute!


Valerie | Lily on Fillmore said...

ughhh i can't wait until there are babies in my family, so i can spoil them with cute gifts such as these!


Hey Ali, I tried to follow the link for the beads for #7 and it takes me to Brown Bear book. I would love to check out those beads if you could send me the link that would be awesome.

Ali said...

Sorry about that, the link for the beads should be working now.

Carla said...

Darling. Love the simple Kid O toys.