Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to wear black in the summer

both tees above from Urban Outfitters
Many of us cling to black in the winter and have a hard time letting it go once summer rolls around, and I've found being pregnant I may cling to it a little more than usual. However, there are many ways you can still wear black in the summer. Here are some of my favorite ways...

1. scarf / 2. top (another great option) / 3. heels / 4. skirt (or the pant version)
1. Pair black with pastels. Wearing pastel colors with black will instantly update your look for spring and summer. Plus, black looks great with a minty green or a peachy orange color. Pairing black with darker shades and even deeper jewel tones is usually best to save for fall and winter.

2. Try black with a floral. Florals are big this summer and finding one that has even a hint of black can easily be worn with black pieces you already own.

3. Pick pieces appropriate for summer. Black wool pants would not be a good idea for a hot summer day, but an airy cotton skirt would. Try picking fabrics like cotton, eyelet lace, or a chiffon or even work in a few black accessories like some black strappy sandals.

4. Wear black with white. Black and white is another big trend this season and there are so many great black and white patterns right now. Even pairing white pants with a black top and some brown sandals will instantly say you're ready for summer.

How do you wear black in the summer?

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