Thursday, May 24, 2012

Maternity Style Tips

striped knit dress
I've had a few people ask me for some maternity style help. While I would not consider myself the expert (I only have one child) I have been through a whole pregnancy and understand how much your body can change for good or bad.

Find my maternity style tips after the jump.

1. Dress for the trimester you're in. In the first trimester I like the idea of wearing looser and more blouse-like tops (especially if you haven't told people you're pregnant). I also tried wearing my normal clothes or clothes a little longer or bigger until I really needed maternity clothes. The second trimester is a great time to show off your belly (by this time you should actually look pregnant). The third trimester, well we all know it's about finding things that fit and are comfortable, but there are some really good maternity options now, even more than when I was pregnant 2 years ago (see below).

2. Think accessories. Accessories are great when you are pregnant because they can really dress up those basics. I love the idea of a scarf or statement necklace around your neck to really elevate your look. Also, a skinny belt just above your belly with a dress or cardigan can be really cute. When you get discouraged about clothes this is a great time to pull out some accessories.

3. Show off your belly. Bigger clothes are not always better, and wearing large and loose unflattering tops can make you look larger than you are. Try a fitted top with ruching on the side or a top with banded waistband to help show off your belly (and what's in there).

4. Dresses are your best friend. I would say if you are going to invest in a piece it would be a dress (and maybe a pair of good jeans or pants). Dresses are easy, comfortable and work well with accessories. Just be sure to find one that fits you well.

5. Buy new undergarments. While sometimes not thought of, you want to be comfortable during your pregnancy and with a changing body, this is a definite must. p.s. these tank tops were my favorite when I was pregnant.

6. You can be comfortable AND stylish. Just because you are pregnant doesn't give you the right to wear yoga pants everywhere (unless you are going to yoga of course). There are other options. Try layering pieces. I love the idea of a cardigan or blazer over a fitted tank or t-shirt with a pair of jeans. Another great option is the maxi dress. When it comes to footwear, flats and wedges are extremely popular right now and are also really comfortable.

Lastly, here are some of my favorite shopping options for stylish maternity wear, 

asos Maternity - you all know how much I love asos and their maternity clothes are equally adorable (and affordable) plus they offer free shipping and returns.

topshop maternity - another favorite of mine, great for finding on-trend pieces.

hatch - this is a newer site to me, but their clothes are lovely and made for before, during, and after your pregnancy.

isabella oliver - this is a great site for dresses (especially if you have a special occasion to attend).

more of me maternity - another new site to me, but has some really cute dresses, especially this one.

gap, old navy, and target - great for the basics.

and some of my current favorites from asos:

striped dress / colored skinny jeans / printed dress / sheer blouse / little red dress

Any tips you have for dressing when you're pregnant? Do share.


Lacy in the Sky with Diapers said...

I swear the clothese are getting cuter and cuter. Thank goodness! I bought some paternity pants, but really most of my shirts weren't even maternity, I would just buy tunics in bigger sizes... I also wore Lots and lots of leggings with longer shirts and dresses, they were so comfortable and gave my legs a little support as well!

Jen said...

Thanks for the ideas, Ali! I'll definitely be needing to do some more shopping in the coming weeks as my belly grows.

Maternity Clothing Solutions said...

Those clothes are just perfect! Women can now feel less left out in them! How about some tips on wearing plus size maternity clothes?

Ali said...

That's a great idea. I'll keep it in mind for future posts. @maternityclothingsolutions