Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to Wear a Peplum

The peplum trend is one that is becoming increasingly popular. I've somewhat steered away from this style because I have more of a boyish figure, however when done right the peplum can be extremely flattering. I also feel like this is one of those trends that can turn equally bad if not done right.

Here are some tips to make it work:

1. Define your waist. Wearing a peplum silhouette is really about showing off your silhouette and making your waist the focal point. You can do this by making sure the top of the peplum hits your waist (the thinnest part of your body) or by also adding a skinny belt.

2. Keep it slim. Since the peplum creates volume you want to keep the rest of the look slim (not skin tight) and streamlined. Wearing a pencil skirt or skinny pants will do the trick. Also, keep the sleeves (if any) minimal.

3. Make it modern. This trend was popular back in the 40s, and there are several ways to wear this silhouette: in tops, dresses or skirts. Stick to one, but play around with different fabrics (leather anyone?) and combine with other trends to make your look current. For example try a polka dot peplum top with colored skinny jeans.  

What do you think, is this a trend you will try or skip?

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Diana - City and Burbs said...

I've tried numerous tops and they just dont work for me. I have a long torso but I'm short which is really weird, I know. Ha ha. Many tops are to high on my waist so I just end up looking bigger than I am. Maybe I'll give skirts a try!



Unknown said...

I am dying for a skirt like this! Great look!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

This outfit is super cute!

Unknown said...

greatttt post. I used the same image for a peplum post...haha! yours is lovelyy.


Anonymous said...

i actually have that zara's red skirt i'm planning on wearing it with a sleevless creamy peter pan shirt what do you think should i go for it ? i really love your blog it's great