Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to Wear: Colors that Wash You Out

top: Emersonmade / bottom: atlantic pacific
Do you have colors you like but aren't flattering on you? If you're like me, there are colors you would like to wear, but unfortunately wash you out when you wear them. One of my favorites is mustard yellow, but unfortunately when I wear a mustard yellow top it does me no favors, and I can't seem to pull it off. Here are a couple of tips I use to pull off colors that wash me out.

1. Wear the color on the bottom. If it doesn't work up top, put it on the bottom. Most of the time the problem is when the color is close to your face and hair. If you put the color further from your face such as with a pant, skirt, or even shoes it will be more flattering.

2. Wear something inbetween your face and your top. If you have a top in a color that washes you out, but still want to wear it, try wearing a scarf, statement necklace, jacket, or collared shirt, in a color or print that is flattering on you. Once again you will create a space between your face and the color making it easier to pull off.

3. Wear a bolder lip. Sometimes adding a brighter lip color will bring more color and attention to your face and make you look not so washed out.

 Do you have any tricks for colors that aren't flattering on you?

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