Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Colored Skinny Jeans

red / orange / yellow / greenblue / purple
A friend recently asked me where to find colored skinny jeans. Here are just a few of the many options available and ones I really like. The great news is you can practically get skinny jeans in any color possible. 15 years down the road I wonder if we are going to look at colored skinny jeans like we do acid wash jeans today. Probably, although that doesn't stop me from wearing them.

What colors do you have your eye on? I recently got these ones on sale, but I'm also really loving the kelly green color.

More great options here and here.

On another note: I would love to periodically answer style questions you may have on the blog so feel free to email me: alihenrie@gmail.com or leave a comment and I will try to answer some of them. Chances are someone else might have the same question.


paislea said...

i have been dying for a pair of colored skinny jeans lately!! i don't have any. although i do have a pair of coral colored shorts for summer, i definitely need some pants for the spring time... cause it's still chilly here until like april!

great post! happy tuesday!

drop by allister bee soon!

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

I want them in every color! Eyes on coral and cobalt as priorities I think ;)

Kim Edwards said...

THANKS so much for answering this question! I knew you would know the answer. Looks like Gaby is wanting the same ones as me! I am going to order some this week. Dying to have some for spring.

Sierra and Ryan said...

I love this trend! I really hope it is still in when I am un-pregnant and are doing my first post pregnancy shopping trip!

Liz said...

Love. Target has a bunch too, now!

Ashley said...

Have one, need all! I am loving all of the colors!