Tuesday, January 17, 2012

To try: White in the Winter

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I'm headed to the Alt Design Conference tomorrow (Yay!). One of the nights at Alt a Winter White party is planned and the dress code is of course all white. I thought I would share some tips on how to pull off a winter white look.

1. wear a bit of sparkle (and a beautiful white coat doesn't hurt either)

2. add a dramatic ruffle to a well fitted dress

3. find materials best suited for winter such as sweater knits, wools, or even lace

4. mix in grays, browns, and blacks (neutrals always go well with other neutrals)

5. a bold red or pink lip pairs well with winter white

6. don't be obsessed with only bright white. Cream, ivory, and vanilla colors look great in the winter and are often times more flattering than bright white and mix whites together

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paislea said...

i love it! i saw a post the other day about white on white! i love it!!

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