Monday, November 21, 2011

10 Winter Items

fair isle camp socks JCrew / cable-knit sweater HM / brown boots Ruche / wonderland puffer coat JCrew / furry earmuffs Madewell / brixton grace scarf Karmaloop / sweater knit beret Old Navy / deborah lippman nail color in shake your groove thing / hearthstone glittens JCrew / black knit legging Banana Republic

It did indeed snow here this past weekend and I've started collecting all things winter-related (thanks to the no sales tax on outerwear here in MN).

p.s. I'll be sharing a new DIY project later this week.


Unknown said...

Check check and check! I have some version of all those, I think I am doing alright than :)

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

I have a pair of mittens pretty similar to those, love them!

Joanna Lundeen said...

welcome to the tundra that is MN! :) just so you know—there is no tax on all clothing and food here! woohoo! so you can go buy non-outerwear clothing tax free as well :)

love this list—everything is so pretty!

have a blessed week!