Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To try: leather and lace

I have always loved the mix of leather with lace, and with the popularity of leather skirts, I've fallen in love all over again.

While it might not seem like leather and lace go together, mixing the two can give you a chic look that is feminine and cool at the same time. The leather makes the lace not-so-dainty while the lace makes the leather not-so-tough.

the inspiration:

lace yoke top Ann Taylor, burberry leather pencil skirt Net-a-Porter, faux leather moto jacket Old Navy, scallop lace top Madewell
the tips:
  • Instead of the typical leather jacket, try a leather skirt or leather leggings (if you dare) with a lace top.
  • When it comes to lace avoid bright colors, try to pick neutral colors, not only will the lace look better but more expensive.
  • Add leather accessories instead of a leather top or pants. Even just a leather belt or clutch can look equally as cool with a lace top.


Lisa said...

i like this combo. i think it would be fun to try. not sure if i am ready for leather jeggings though... :)

Lauren said...

you probably weren't able to watch, but YOU were mentioned on Studio 5 - Monday I think. It was awesome! They chatted and showed pics of your post on twisted belts.

go YOU! :)