Thursday, February 13, 2014

How often do you take pictures of your kids?

Having a phone with a camera is especially handy once you have kids because you can capture moments daily. A couple of weeks ago I went out to SLC for the Alt Summit Design Conference. While we were there, my sister, who is also a photographer, snapped some 6 month photos of Lucas. He won't quite sit up yet which proved to be somewhat of a challenge.

During the first year I like to take pictures at 6 months because they have changed so much since birth and you can start seeing their personality. 6 months is by far my favorite age and what I like to call the golden age for babies. They are happy, smiley, on a routine and still can't crawl anywhere yet. It's the best!!

How often do you take pictures of your kids?

This one pretty much kills me...
More pictures after the jump...

Why are boys always blessed with the longest eyelashes?

Right before he toppled over...

*photography by Katie Perkes

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