Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Add a jewel tone or two

It's about that time of year where I fall into wearing black everyday. Black is just one of those colors that can't go too wrong. While I do love black all by itself, I also love the idea of adding a jewel tone color such as a bright blue, emerald green, or raspberry pink (like in the picture above). The color seems to stand out more than usual and gives just the right dose of color to a look. I even think wearing a couple of different jewel tones together would look great with black.
Here are a few jewel tone items to mix into your wardrobe:
cobalt: pants / scarf / pumps   emerald: sandals / skirt / bag    fuchsia: belt / sweater / nail polish
What do you think, how do you keep black from becoming boring?

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Lacey said...

Hi Ali! Just stopped by to checkout your blog... great work! It was fun seeing and chatting with you at ALT. Wish you all the best with your pregnancy and work!!