Wednesday, June 6, 2012

To try: Fishtail Braid

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Now that it's summer (well almost) and my hair is long enough to braid I've been admiring all the braid styles that are popular right now including the fishtail. I have to admit I've never really been good at braiding hair besides the basic braid (I had older sisters that would braid my hair when I was younger), but after seeing my friend master the crown braid I'm convinced I can figure out a little fishtail.
p.s. I'm sharing some of my summer style essentials today over on Sweetie Pie Style if you want to check it out.


Inès said...

i love this new trend, but my hair are not long enough to do that!


I love all the braids as well. My eyes are always attracted to braided hair when I am out and about. If I see one that I like, I have to always stop the person and ask how they did it and then go home and give it a try!