Monday, August 8, 2011

Warm or Cool Colors?

Happy Monday, hope you all had a good weekend, mine was spent painting in my garage on probably the hottest weekend of the year.

It's no surprise how much I love color because I'm always talking about it. As I was browsing through my closet the other day I noticed I definitely have more cool colors (blues, greens, purples) versus warm colors (reds, yellows, and oranges), so I am curious to know what's in your closet (or your house), are you drawn to warmer colors or cooler colors or neither (maybe you're all about the neutrals)?

myne colorblock silk dress Nordstrom
 Actually finding which colors look best on you, we'll save for another day.


Katie said...

I definitely have more cool colors. I need to even it out!

Kati said...

I have more cool colors in my closet...but I am more drawn to warmer. I would love for you to do a post on what colors look best on you and why.

Jessica said...

I have more cool colors in my closet, i have a few corals and pinks because I love them. When it comes to the home I love neutrals. Excited for the post on what colors look best on you.

Charmaine said...

I like to refer to my clothing colour pallet as jewel toned (and a good dose of neutrals of course). Jewel tones to me mean: Plum, emerald, royal blue, fuscia. I don't have anything in the orange/red/yellow colours, they just don't look good on a redhead.

Great blog BTW, I've been looking futher & futher back in you archives & have to say that your style is right up me alley. I'll be following!