Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Painted White Wood Floors

I have always loved the look of plain wood floors, but I have been seeing more and more wood floors painted white, and I like.
1. sfgirlbybay 2. flickr 3. flickr 4. cococozy
What do you think? Would you paint your floors white?


Whitney said...

Don't think I would with kids running around. I fear that you would see everything!! I like the look, but I don't know how functional it would be for me.

Becky said...

i wanted white and my husband wanted grain and we both knew that with two kids, it would be a nightmare. by fluke we ended up with a gray washed ash that is stunning. and nothing shows. i'm so glad i stuck to my guns and hunted down the perfect floor that would give me that light scandinavian/beachy vibe. plus, bonus - $20 a sq foot floors clearance to 1.69 a foot. love your sight.