Tuesday, June 21, 2011

To Try: Brown and Black

Many people think you can't wear brown and black together, but as seen here, you absolutely can.

1.   2.   3.

helpful hints:
  • mix it up with a couple of items in each color, having only one item in black or brown might look out of place
  • keep the browns similar in shade as well as the blacks
  • if you want more of a contrast do a lighter more caramel brown, if you want something more subtle do a chocolate brown color
  • don't be afraid to try a pattern


Nicole said...

I do love the camel brown with black! :) Thanks for the tips!

Kimberly & Justin said...

Hey Ali! I just love reading your blog. It's always so much fun. I love that you put this on here too. That's one of my favorite combo's. If done right, black and brown totally work. I hope you guys are doing great! I can't believe Will is 1 already! Time goes so fast!

Lauren said...

thanks for posting this because I've always loved brown & black. Now I'm justified! Esp love the camel color w/ black.

ps I LOVE your new blog look, superfabulous

pps - so excited for your new direction coming soon!