Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Gifts

Our friends just had a baby boy last night. Yay! a new friend for our little one. (On a side note: these friends have one of the coolest nurseries ever, and I will be posting pictures of it soon.)

Since I have many friends who have recently had babies or are going to be having a baby, I thought I would do a round-up of small, simple gifts for baby.

1. Tricycle Baby T-shirt Etsy - so simple
2. Nesting Birds P'kolino - such a fun concept
3. Sophie the Giraffe Giggle - my boy loves this teether, probably one of his favorite toys
4. Mustela Cleansing Wipes Target - you know how I feel about these
5. Rain Cloud Mobile  Etsy - would be such a sweet addition to a nursery
6. Kenana Knit Elephant Wild Dill - need I say anything
7. Dwell Studio Soft Blocks Giggle -a baby's got to learn
8. Skwinkle Toy Giggle - creative and cool looking
9. Skip Hop Zoo Bib Amazon - comes in other adorable animals, but always love the owl
10. Goldenrod Jumpsuit Vyssan Lull - those scandinavians, they just get design


Sierra & Ryan said...

We just got Sophie the giraffe for a cousins baby shower and she loved it! It is good to hear that the baby will love it to :-)

Chelli said...

Great post. Sophie the giraffe is my little guys favorite to teeth on